Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

Do you have a tyre which keeps losing air?

Is the finish on your wheels looking unsightly?

Over time the lacquer on the surface of the wheel corrodes and this not only making wheels look bad but also leads to a break in the seal between the wheel and tyre. There is a simple way of fixing this and making them look as good as new.

Diamond cutting involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel using specialist lathing equipment which leaves a shiny alloy finish. It is then lacquered over to prevent corrosion. Panel Care specialise in refurbishing Diamond Cut wheels using our in-house diamond cutting lathe.

You will be able to see if your wheel is diamond cut if, on close inspection, you see very fine lines created by the cutting machine and the appearance is very shiny. This may be harder to distinguish if you wheels are of poor quality, old or corroded. Not all wheels can be diamond cut as this depends on the profile of the face of the wheel. We will advise you if it is possible.

We were sad to see this car go but it went with a freshly diamond cut set of alloy wheels ..



Diamond cut wheels can only be refurbished a number of times as too much alloy would eventually be removed. You may wish to consider one of our other refurbishment options as a durable and long lasting refurbishment method instead.


Panel Care are the market leaders when it comes to Alloy Wheel Refurbishment on the South Coast. Our expert technicians will provide the ultimate service in terms of Alloy Wheel Repair, wheel will make your wheels stand out as a great feature of your car once again.

Before                                                      After


Before                                                    After – matching calipers to colour



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