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At Panel-Care we care: about you, your car and delivering high quality work at competitive prices. Most of our clients come from referrals, so we know we are only good as our last job.

So if you are not completely satisfied with our work, then you don’t pay – and that’s guaranteed

When it comes to Car Body Work Services, we offer a huge range that will deal with any cosmetic damage that your vehicle. Our expert team provide Southampton’s leading Panel Repair Services; meaning that when you put your pride and joy in our hands you are safe in the knowledge that you will get the best service and quality

Our panel repair services use the latest techniques to ensure that we get your car looking it’s best in no time. You can put faith in us to provide only the best car body work services.

Why not call 01489 797235 for a free Car Body Work Services quote – you’ll be surprised at the cost


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01489 797 235


Scratches, Scrapes & Bumper Scuff Removal

Timing: 1-4 hours

You don’t need to live with that door dent or bumper scratch. They look unsightly, make your vehicle more prone to rust damage, and will reduce its resale value.   We can fix any nicks quickly, easily and usually well below your insurance excess cost.

With deep scratches that have penetrated several layers of your paintwork, perhaps the result of a’ keying’, the potential long-term damage from rust is even greater.


Headlight Restoration & Detailing

Timing: 1 hour

Over time plastic headlights become cloudy, discoloured or lose their clearness due to UV, heat and oxidation damage.

Headlight restoration is done using our specially formulated products designed to clean, polish, seal and protect giving a longer lasting shine eliminating the cloudiness or discolouration of your headlights, giving you better visibility at night whilst providing an excellent fresh new look for your vehicle at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for new headlights.

Why not call 01489 797235 for a free Panel Repair Services quote – you’ll be surprised at the cost


Accident Repair & Insurance Work

Our workshops are set up to handle full bodywork repairs, most often as a result of a car accident. Our estimators will work with you and, if necessary, your insurance company providing a guaranteed written estimate BEFORE any insurance work is started. Your car will be repaired and returned quickly, but without compromising on drying times. We hope you’ll think it looks better than it did originally.


Vehicle Dent Removal & Repair

Our skilled craftsmen use the latest techniques: Fluorescent, LED lighting and reflection boards to better view the dent so they can select the best and least invasive method of repair.   Metal rods and body picks are used to ‘push’ the dents out from the underside of the body panel. In some cases glue and a specially designed anti-dent pulling tool may also be used from the outside of the panel to ‘pull’ the dents out.

Why not call 01489 797235 for a free quote – you’ll be surprised at the cost


Paintless Dent Removal

Timing: 1 hour

This technique is often used to repair hail damage, door dings, minor creases and sometimes plastic bumper dents and is also used to prepare a panel for traditional refinishing.

PDR takes years to learn and our technicians are specialists in this work. They will know if the painted surface of the vehicle is in good enough condition to withstand the procedure and will also make sure the temperature in our climatically controlled workshops is warm enough to avoid any cracking.

Paint Protection & Detailing

Time: 1 day

Buying a new car is a big purchases, so you want to be sure it can withstand all the environment has to throw at it – even a new sports or luxury car, right off the showroom floor may have a few nicks, swirls, scratches or etchings.

Our specialist treatment enhances the shine, rich colour and reflective nature of your car’s paintwork, plus provides protection against the elements and will keep your trim, tyres and upholstery looking its best!

Why not call 01489 797235 for a free quote – you’ll be surprised at the cost


Classic Car Paint Re-sprays

Timing: 1-4 days

Our experienced technicians are fully to date on the latest techniques and best equipment and colour matching technology we peel back your current paint, undercoat your car to its original colour or any colour you wish. This also allows for the restoration or styling process.

You can either have a full body re-spray or a partial re-spray either the lower, upper, front or rear half of he car – ideal for body kit installations, depending on your vehicle’s needs and your budget.


Alloy Wheel Refurbishments

Timing: 1-2 days

Your wheels receive the worst amount of abuse of any part of your vehicle, usually the result of normal wear and tear as well as kerbing’, potholes and road salt. So if the wheels on your sports or super car, classic, luxury, 4×4 or regular car are scuffed, corroded, or damaged, we can help.

Using the latest technology, starting with non-corrosive chemical stripping to remove any old dirt and paint, then blasting to remove finer layers of corrosion ready for coating and shaped to the manufacturer’s original specification and finally wet painting for colour finishing.

Why not call 01489 797235 for a free quote – you’ll be surprised at the cost


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