Classic Car Body Work

Classic Car Body Work Restoration

Your pride and joy is in safe hands

We understand your car is special to you, so we care for each and every vehicle as if it was our own – we are the experts on the South Coast when it comes to Classic Car Body Work.

We can handle every type of car and while we’ve become experts at re-painting classic Jags, BMWs and, Mercedes; vintage Rolls Royces and Bentleys; as well as an array of luxury sports cars including Lamborginis, Ferraris and Aston Martins.


Like F1 we apply the knowledge gained on to every car that comes through our doors – a unique advantage to our customers.


Our classic car bodyshop is here to make your automotive dreams come true. From classic car body bodywork restorations and resprays to custom body modifications, project finishing and classic car insurance accident repair. We can do the job the way you want it, no matter the cars marque or body condition.


All though we specialise in paintwork, we can also accommodate MOT chassis failures, welding work, body restoration, rust proofing, accident repair and classic car insurance work.



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